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MISSION: Our peace army is a consciousness raising effort intended to remind us of OUR power to reduce violence and suffering. 1% is an enchanting, fun filled, inspiring way to connect us as we engage the masses and recruit more and more storytellers. (See a battle plan).

" Be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

Every single day of our lives there are countless acts of violence taking place in our homes, schools, neighborhoods, work places, cities, towns, villages, country and the world.

Much of this violence and suffering can be prevented by our simple awareness of and presence with one another. EXAMPLE: the young woman travelling to Providence in the early morning hours after a business meeting in Boston; while stopping in a rest area to use the facilities, she is followed and attacked by an employee of an all night restaurant´┐Ż suppose we notice this woman alone and vunlurable and think of her as our sister, watch and wait for her safe return. There are countless opportunities to be more present.

We want you to join us in spirit while we spread this hopeful message of a less violent, more civil society...Know that anytime you reach out in support of a friend, neighbor,co worker or family member you are enriching our lives too. Anytime you attend a peace rally, work to elect a public servant who is sensitive to the care of our environment, who will vote to reign in the run away military.corporate, industrial complex, who will help to legislate to reduce corporate america's control of our media.... you represent our peace army proudly.

"There are mostly good,decent folks in the world and away down deep in the depths of our consciousness each one of us is hearing the same small voice: I want an earth that is healthy, a world at peace,a heart filled with love, opportunity,fairness and safe happy children." paraphrased..Esa Easawaran


We are the 1% connection coming together for less violence, for a safer, fairer, more enlightened society. We're human beings, 4 legged and winged creatures as well as many leafy species from villages, forests and towns throughout the world. Some of us are young, some a little gray or slightly bent, a good balance of raw energy tempered by the beauty and wisdom only time can bring. We're gay and straight, liberal, moderate and conservative, dark and light, long and short haired, religious, secular, university accredited, street and wilderness wise; some with a wealth of experience, some still wet behind the ears; many with an abundance of possessions, others rich in spirit only. We are inspired to bring about a less violent world!

“This we know; all things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected; whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”
Chief Seattle, upon surrendering his tribal lands in 1856.


Thich Nhat Hahn
Thich Nhat Hahn

Terror is in the human heart. We must remove this terror from the heart. Destroying the human heart, both physically and psychologically, is what we should avoid; the root of terrorism should be identified so that it can be removed. The root of terrorism is misunderstanding, hatred and violence. This root cannot be located by the military. Bombs and missiles cannot reach it. Only with the practice of calming and looking deeply can our insight reveal and identify this root. Only with the practice of deep listening and compassion can it be transformed and removed.

Darkness cannot be dissipated with more darkness. More darkness will make darkness thicker. Only light can dissipate darkness. Violence and hatred cannot be removed with violence and hatred. Rather, this will make violence and hatred grow a thousand fold. Only understanding and compassion can dissolve violence and hatred.

Strike against terror is a misleading expression. What we are striking against is not the real cause of the root of terror. The object of our strike is still human life. We are sowing seeds of violence when we strike. Striking in this way will only bring about more hatred and violence into the world. This is exactly what we do not want to do.

Hatred and violence are in the hearts of human beings. A terrorist is a human being with hatred, violence and misunderstanding in his or her heart. Acting without understanding, acting out of hatred, violence and fear, we help sow more terror, bringing terror to the homes of others and bringing terror back to our own homes.

Whole societies are living constantly in fear with our nerves being attacked day and night. This is the greatest casualty we may suffer from as a result of our wrong thinking and action. Such a state of confusion, fear and anxiety is extremely dangerous. It can bring about another world war, this time extremely destructive.

We must learn to speak out so that the voice of the Buddha can be heard in this dangerous and pivotal moment of history. Those of us who have the light should display the light and offer it so that the world will not sink into total darkness. Everyone has the seed of awakening and insight within his or her heart. Let us help each other touch these seeds in ourselves so that everyone will have the courage to speak out.

We must ensure that the way we live our daily lives does not create more terrorism in the world. This means with mindful consumption, without discrimination or participating in injustice. We need a collective awakening to stop this course of self destruction.

Thich Nhat Hanh…Shanghai, 19 October,2001

"Rise like lions after slumber........

Our world is constantly charged by the energy of love demonstrated daily by bold acts of her oism and his oism, countless examples of simple kindness and sacrifice in families and communities throughout the world.

Time and time again ordinary folks from the four corners of the earth come to the aid of their fellow beings suffering from the devastation of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, famine, aids etc.

History is full of heroic tales such as that of the villagers of Le Chambon, France connecting bravely to shield their Jewish neighbors from the atrocities of the Nazis.

On a more individual basis, we remember baby Jessica trapped in that underground well in Texas for three days and nights and how the world turned to prayer. And, the off duty nurse driving to the site of the Oklahoma bombing, rushing into the building to carry out a child, sacrificing her life with an act of love.

We’re about new, creative, spontaneous ways of connecting, of transcending boundaries, acknowledging that they are all our brothers, sisters, children, elders, 4 legged, environments.

“Only one life that soon shall pass, only what is done with love will last”

Suspend Disbelief as you read these pages and Imagine a spirit of awareness sweeping our neighborhoods so that we are connecting in strands of love in ordinary times just as we so often do in extraordinary times!

In the early part of the 20th century Gandhi talked about a time when nonviolent armies would be a force to create change and confront violence and alternative to senseless killing and suffering.


We believe...passionately...together we can help prevent school shootings-reduce, child and spousal abuse-elderly neglect-mistreatment of animals-free women and children from exploitation and repression-lessen governments obsession with military armaments and better protect our precious environment.


We are like a single grain of sand against the incoming tide (violence). Connected we're a sandbar strong enough to withstand a powerful force and large enough to protect the most vulnerable among us.


Waking us as a reminder of the absurdity of our separateness and as a reflection of joy when we realize the possibilities in our coming together as one. This 1% journey (army) is one of hope ...we are all soldiers (storytellers) and to the degree we can share our life story, our presence, acknowledging that they are all our children,sisters,brothers,elders,4 that degree we are empowered.


By design this grass roots movement is without formal structure...

A truth is a truth until you organize it... then it becomes a lie as the organization becomes more important than the truth!
Wayne Dyer

Think of our 1% peace army as a metaphor for a vision-of the smallest number of us making a huge difference! "A metaphor for group consciousness" and it matters not whether we are concerned with a family, neighborhood, school, workplace, village or country; whether it is one person being more present in a family, nursing home, work situation or it happens to be many thousands standing up to oppose a political tyrant.

We are transcending boundaries; 1% is inclusive, 8 years old or 88 years young. We realize it is not our place to judge the journey of another’s soul.

So what are you being this weekend, for the rest of this life? Consider being 1% to simply remind yourself and others of our incredible power to reduce suffering.

“Rise like lions after slumber…in un vanquish able number! Shake your chains to earth, like dew which in sleep had fallen on you…ye are many, they are few!” The poet Shelley!

Thank you for visiting...PLEASE continue on to Our Battle Plan (How It Works), which includes starting a “less violence discussion group” in your home.

Print & post 1% peacelets*( these pages) in school, work, public spaces.

We are " engaging the masses" with an "Enchanting Vision" of a less violent world!

A Message from Jacques Bouvier - 10/25/01

"One day while we were having lunch the Berlin Wall came down and another day an attentive neighbor prevented a young girl from being abused and a teenage boy stepped in to stop a bully from further intimidation and a man with a video camera filmed the wretched conditions in an orphanage in Romania and a clerical worker offered her support to a co-worker she suspected was being battered at home and a 10 year old girl asked an adult to be kinder to a neglected 4 legged and as the years went on one day, millions came to the realization of the folly, immaturity and waste of governments spending over a trillion dollars annually ON armaments while children starved and elderly went without medical care and entire populaces lived in squalor. 1%, We’re connecting the 8 year old with the 88 years young, the hunter and the vegetarian, the Muslim, Jew, Hindu, Christian, Secular Humanist, the well off and poor, the liberal and conservative."


1% Headquarters


1% logoOur battlefields are within, at home, our neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds, workplaces, country, and every place in the world where there is repression, exploitation, cruelty and injustice.

Our soldiers are you and me and Jacques (our 1st 1% pilgrim), all storytellers, and to the degree we can share our life story, our presence...acknowledging that they are all our children, sisters, elders, 4 that degree we will grow into knighthood.

Our boot camp training is our own individual spiritual journey to grow and contribute; to be present with self and for one another.

Our generals are our collective spirit leading us on a march down winding roads, hidden enclaves, sleepy villages, small towns, bustling cities, mountains, valleys and flatland.

Our enemy, the most formidable within, as our dark side can be a master of disguise and deception; our apathy and elitism, closed minds and hearts, lack of awareness, humility & forgiveness.

Our weapons are our awareness-insight - compassion - connectedness – stories- presence- vision-light.

This consciousness raising effort is designed as a simple reminder of our extraordinary power to reduce violence and suffering as we are able to transcend boundaries, distortions and blocks and BE more present with one another…at home, school, work, city, town, village, world.

HELP US TURN THE LIGHT watt (why) at a time!
To be present in person and/or in spirit even behind closed doors is our promise to one another.


  • Be present
  • Play with children
  • Learn from elders
  • Treasure our earth
  • Appreciate the animals
  • Walk many miles
  • Be yourself
  • Acknowledge others
  • Share your life
  • Remember to forgive
  • Express your gratitude
  • Let your spirit soar
  • Your heart be open and see your ancestors in the stars

Please join us for less violence follow us

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