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1% - A Battle Plan


1% Headquarters

Before going into details of our battle plan please consider the following uplifting, poignant marching orders from just a few of our inspirational officers.

“Every gun that is fired, every warship launched, every rocket fired, signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. The world in arms is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, and the hopes of its children.”

Dwight D Eisenhower

Note: world governments are spending well over 2 trillion dollars a year on armaments, close to half of that by the USA who represent about 6% of the world population! Ask yourself, what is that all about?

“One of the most hurtful things that adults tell children is this: Who do you think you are? You can't change the world!  When kids say this is what they have been told (and they do say it, again and again), here's what I tell them: “the people who say this to you are people who have had the heart taken out of them and they want to make sure the heart is taken out of you too.”

Daniel Quinn, Ishmael

“A pebble cast into a pool causes ripples that spread in all directions, and each one of our thoughts, words and deeds is like that.”

Dorothy Day, Catholic Worker

“One day after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness the energies of love. Then for the 2nd time in the history of the world, men will have discovered fire.”

Tielhard De Chardin

“Overcome evil with good, falsehood with truth, and hatred with love.”

Peace Pilgrim

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

Martin Luther King

“I had to stand for something so I could stand to be me!”

Martin Sheen

HELP US TURN THE LIGHT watt (why) at a time!

To be present in person and/or in spirit even behind closed doors is our promise to one another.

1% of all earths creatures = more than 60 million new teachers, soldiers, storytellers. And we should keep in mind that whether we BE 1000, 10,000 or reach our enchanting fantasy of 60, 000, 000, (1% of the world population) each time we are truly present for one another we reduce the incidences of violence and exploitation. 

Ours is not an exclusive, elite group, as 1% we simply intend to remind ourselves first and then others, with every thought and deed of our power for good and to recruit all those who might share our vision of a less violent world; it matters not whether we choose to reach out individually (on line…in person) or be part of a 1% autonomous cell participating in discussion groups, or both.

Please pass on our hopeful message--we have an ever widening troop deployment crossing all age, cultural and economic barriers.

One tragic story: An example of where our presence could prevent a tragic loss of life!

A young woman was driving from Boston to her home in Providence RI at 3am when she stopped in a rest area to use the facilities. She was followed by a person working in an all night restaurant next door who committed the violent act of rape and murder.

If you or I saw this woman alone and vulnerable would we simply think of her as our daughter, sister, mother and watch and wait until she returned  to her vehicle and was on her way safely to her home?

There are countless thousands of senseless acts of violence happening daily; very often our simple presence could prevent such acts.

“Not until we look into the face of every man and every woman and see our brother and sister…only then will we see the light…All else is still darkness.”


Peace around the world1% TROOP DEPLOYMENT

  •  Bring flowers to a Nursing home
  •  Call/visit an elderly relative
  •  Attend a peace rally
  •  Purchase Breast Cancer Postage stamps
  •  Read to a young child
  •  Please read-“Boiling Point by Ross Gelbspan
  •  Thank a teacher/care giver
  •  Watch sunsets with a loved one
  •  Support all efforts for nuclear disarmament*
  •  Think about alternative fuels
  •  Learn about ingredients in prepared foods
  •  Visit an animal shelter*
  •  Delight in Diversity
  •  Speak truth to power
  •  Shrink the Pentagon/ slash the bloated budget
  •  Consider being a Big Brother/Sister
  •  Our need is a Foreign Policy Fit For Children
  •  The key to an open heart…forgiveness
  •  Eat locally grown fruits and vegetables
  •  Encourage a co worker
  •  Build it and they will come
  •  Speak out against torture
  •  What should we know about factory farming 
  •  Share your life stories
  •  Start a walk to work club
  •  Discuss Global Warming with friends and family*
  •  Consider vegetarianism
  •  Know which politicians share your environmental concerns
  •  Consider a vulnerable stranger as a family member
  •  The people must lead, the politicians will follow
  •  Bring flowers to a nursing home*
  •  We do not want to be known as” The worst generation”
  •  Join an environmental organization
  •  Walk for aids/hunger/cancer/for peace/for connection
  •  Our presence shines a light on darkness, distortion
  •  Read, “Hope in the Dark” by Rebecca Solnit
  •  Support veterans groups
  •  A most remarkable Peace Pilgrim's story
  •  Buy “fair exchange” coffee
  •  80 million civilians died in wars in the 20th century
  •  Rise like lions after slumber, shake your chains to earth
  •  No to weapons...Yes to enlightenment
  •  Your presence makes others feel purposeful
  •  Consciousness expands
  •  Happiness is something you decide ahead of time
  •  Think about the wonderful possibilities of adoption*
  •  Remember to forgive
  •  Imagine 1% peace cells spreading throughout the world*
  •  Learn to listen
  •  The US has over 700 military installations world wide;why
  •  Take children camping
  •  Invite friends/relatives to discussion groups
  •  A wonderful community…bruderhof
  •  Vote and encourage others to do so
  •  Imagine a nuclear weapons free world*
  •  Plant a Tree
  •  Support the Kyoto Treaty
  •  A really sweet love story. The road home(Chinese)
  •  Read all you can about Global warming and militarism
  •  Have meaningful conversations at meal time
  •  Experience the redwoods before you transition
  •  Support PBS
  •  Copy & Post 1% peacelets* in public places
  •  Lord make me an instrument of your peace, where there is
  •  Teach Tolerance
  •  Eyes Wide Open..American Friends Service Committee
  •  Almost one half the world’s armaments are sold by the US
  •  Question military budgets
  •  Know you can make a difference
  •  Encourage an unemployed person
  •  Be kind
  •  Start a 1% for less violence discussion group
  •  Seek the truth
  •  Until you have loved an animal, there remains a part of your soul not yet awakened
  •  Organize a vigil for Darfur awareness
  •  Speak out when hearing racial remarks
  •  The Sorrows of Empire, Chalmers Johnson
  •  Judge Less
  •  Cherish the children, the elderly, the animals, nature
  •  Count your blessings
  •  Listen closely to a worried co worker/family member
  •  Less sugar and junk food reduces aggressive behavior
  •  Let your light shine
  •  Laugh heartily
  •  Practice radical humility
  •  Have an attitude of gratitude
  •  Be aware of young children spending too much time alone*
  •  Write to major media to cover the real stories
  •  Smile more often
  •  Look to the stars as campfires of your ancestors
  •  Tell family you love them, often
  •  Email 1% web address to all in your address book
  •  Free

*We need you to help carry our message of less violence*


In 2002 a storyteller attended a World Civil Society Forum in Geneva and was able to work a 1% display table at the entrance to the conference area. Directly opposite was a group of young African artist from Nigeria displaying their artwork, sculpture, and weavings? Dressed in colorful native garb these kindred spirits started chanting 1%   1%   1% while dancing in circles. You can imagine over the following three days we had more visitors to our tables than all the others combined. (:>

Since that time many of us have used a 1% salute (raising our forefinger just to the side of our ear) as a greeting, it most often is followed by a spontaneous smile.

1% meetings in which small groups of people gather to share their concerns in a supportive environment around issues relating to violence have been known to include music, pot luck meals often with varying ethnic themes.


If you wish there was something more you could do about a particular form of violence, consider starting a discussion group in your home. You can invite 4-10 relatives, friends and co workers. The idea would be to express your areas of concern around a certain issue whether it is child abuse, elder neglect, school violence, animal cruelty, spousal abuse, militarism, nuclear proliferation, Global warming, environmental.

You would prepare a simple presentation outlining your issue and open the meeting up for discussion. The idea would not be to convince others to your way of thinking but rather to express your thoughts, concerns, as well as your hopes and dreams in a supportive environment. This in itself can be very empowering.

We have found that folks give positive feedback/suggestions even when not sharing the same level of concern. Most often participants leave the group more aware and knowledgeable. An example of an encouraging positive outcome would be when someone suggest “why don’t we hold a vigil for the millions of refuges around the world” or “I will go with you to that nursing home across town to bring some flowers” or “Why don’t we invite a spokesperson from our local police department to talk at our next meeting on spousal abuse” or” my children start school next week, let’s visit the local shelter and take some dogs for a walk”. You are in effect starting an autonomous 1% cell empowering yourself and your circle of influence to make a difference! Be open to improvisation and participation!

The possibilities are endless as there are many interesting, qualified spokespersons that would be willing to attend your meetings. For the most part you will find a reservoir of talented, well intentioned, committed individuals within your own circle of interest.

It is also possible that the week you schedule a particular subject e.g. school violence that you need to hold the gathering in a larger space to accommodate more people.

It is important to keep in mind that attendees will be from very diverse backgrounds e.g. educational level, political/ religious persuasion etc. and you are intending to find common ground seeking a less violent society.

And so, tolerance, respect and open minds are the order of the day.

We suggest that regardless of the size of your gathering that you select a facilitator each week; ask folks, in advance, if they would like to present a particular issue and above all attempt to make the meetings fun, uplifting, informative and empowering. Music (varied) and good food make for a nice evening…..include the children, elderly and animal companions.



Simply raise your fore finger (either hand) (:> to the side of your head and repeat:

“I will continue to BE present with self and family and all others whose life’s path I am blessed to cross!

To the best of my ability I will value all life forms and strive to be a protective, supportive presence for the most vulnerable in our society…children, elderly, animals, environment; all those at risk. I will strive to be a responsible, informed citizen of the world.”

Congratulations, you are now officially inducted into our world wide 1% a peace army holding the proud rank of PRIVATE the same rank enjoyed by all 1% soldiers/storytellers.

Promotions are considered for storytellers who have completed their tour of duty on this earth plane and are setting up their campsites with the stars!

Our official officers are our collective spirits marching for awareness, enlightenment, empowerment, a less violent world!

Recruitment: We are sincerely interested in reaching out to folks of all ages, occupations, cultural back ground, religious or secular, life style and political persuasion e.g. students, elderly, laborers, administrative, teachers, medical care provider, clerical, law enforcement, computer technicians. Etc.

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